Richard B. for being such a patient CFI and teaching me how not to kill myself on a plane.

Frank D. for guiding me in some of the design decisions regarding my Van's RV-8.

Reynald D. for giving me my very first flight, and training me towards my microlight licence on his Buse'Air 150.

Rodney G. for tolerating me in his club, and maintaining a fleet of aircraft for people like myself to enjoy.

Ed H. for introducing me to his Van's RV-8 and RV-3, and allowing me to sit in the cockpit whilst making airplane noises.

Tim H. for sharing with me some of the secret sauce to what is, in my books, the most beautiful Van's RV-8 ever built.

Ranny M. for educating me on the art of building (and buying!) canopies for RVs.

Mike N. for giving me my very first "RV Grin" on board his Van's RV-7.

Laird O. for helping me navigate canopies providers and sharing his experience.

John R. for taking me to Wadswick airfield, packed with RVs to over.